Wednesday 1st September, 1999
IFSMA Register of Technical Consultants and Maritime Experts.

The International Federation of Shipmasters Associations (IFSMA) has today announced the introduction of a Register of Technical Consultants and Maritime Experts.

The International Federation of Shipmasters' Associations (IFSMA) is pleased to announced its intention of publishing the IFSMA Register of Technical Consultants and Maritime Experts.

The purpose of the IFSMA Register is to provide an independent source of technical expertise that can be called upon by any organisation that needs advice in any particular maritime field.

Each person entered on the IFSMA Register will be an Individual Member of the Federation. Qualification for membership requires a Masters Certificate with command experience. In addition to this command experience, each person on the IFSMA Register will declare his or her technical ability and experience which is being made available.

The Federation believes it is fully justified in offering this service to both the Members and those who will make use of the IFSMA Register, a copy of which will be offered free of charge to any organisation requesting a copy.

The creation of the IFSMA Register was prompted by serveral events, including recent IMO initiatives, and complaints in the press and elsewhere as to the standards of some surveyors and consultants visiting ships for ISM Audits and other technical matters. The Federation believes there is great potential for such an IFSMA Register, if properly carried out. Ships Masters will have more confidence in consulting and working with persons who fully understand their problems.

The subject was debated during the Federation's Annual General Assembly in May 1998 where the IFSMA Register received overwhelming support from the Membership. The IFSMA Executive Council has now agreed an implementation plan and work on the compilation of the IFSMA Register is proceeding to enable distribution of the first edition in the new year.

IFSMA was formed in 1974 by eight European Shipmasters' Associations to unite the World's serving Shipmasters into a single professional co-ordinating body. Over 9,350 Shipmasters from more than 42 countries are affiliated to IFSMA either through their National Associations (35) or as Individual Members (100).

IFSMA was granted Consultative status at IMO* in 1975. This enables the Federation to represent the views and protect the interests of serving Shipmasters independently of National Administrations or Labour Organisations. IFSMA is represented at IMO in all the main Committees (MSC-MEPC-LEG-FAL) and in all nine sub-committees, by its London Secretariat and a team of Shipmasters.

* The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) is a specialised agency of the United Nations which is responsible for measures to improve the safety of international shipping and to prevent marine pollutions from ships.

For further information contact :
Captain Paul Owen, Assistant General Secretary,
Tel : 0171 261 0450, Fax : 0171 928 9030


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